Want more control over your brand?

Need to get a grip on your brand image?

Are you a manufacturer or distributer wanting greater control over your brand?

With our advanced CMS already making waves amongst both retailers and B2B website owners, we're working on ways for brand managers to control how their products are displayed on resellers' websites, helping you to maintain stronger brand consistency across all marketing channels.

If you've spent years and large amounts of money establishing your brand and associated products, it's frustrating when they're not shown off to their full potential both in-store and online in resellers' e-commerce websites.  The main marketing concern of any retailer is usually their own brand image, and rightly so.  But by aligning themselves with distinct brands or manufacturers, retailers can piggy-back on your success and win customer loyalty thanks to the quality of your products.

Sparkstone is developing ways for retailers and manufacturers to become equal partners in this success by creating unique tools, which allow brand managers access to their products directly on Sparkstone hosted sites. Our advanced CMS can be tailored for individual users, each with thier own access rights and ability to see and edit different content making it a safe option for both retailers and their guest users.

Gain valuable access to your customers...

Ok, so you may already have a pretty large database of potential customers via paid email address lists and consumer surveys, but do you actually know who is buying your products right now?

More often than not it can be difficult to get exact sales figures from your resellers as they either don't have the time & resources to provide them, or they simply don't have the skills to access the data.  With Sparkstone's advanced CMS you can add your own analytics tracking codes to brands pages and individual products.  So when you run a competition or marketing campaign you can see exactly how successful it has been and get a better understanding of your ROI.

Manufacturers' portal...

You can use our portal technology to run campaigns that are personalised for specific retailers and you can even create platform specific incarnations of the same core content - e.g. you can show Red banners on mobile websites and blue banners on standard large screen websites.

What's in it for retailers...

With Sparkstone's manufacturer portal linked to your website CMS, you'll have access to the design resources of many big name manufacturers and suppliers.  By allowing your suppliers greater control over the look and feel of their products you can offload the time consuming burden of creating high quality graphics and text content that customers expect.  You'll also experience added SEO benefits as brand managers will be able to write product information that is bespoke to your site, and who better to write that content than the people who make the products!


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