Date added: 22 May 2012

A new champion emerges in the ongoing browser wars

Google Chrome now the world's most popular web browser

Google Chrome has just reached an historic landmark in its history. If the statistics at StatCounter are correct then Chrome overtook Internet Explorer in the browser wars some time in the week 7-13th May 2012.
Internet Explorer's share of the market dropped to 31.9% whilst Chrome's rose to 32.8% and with Google beta testing the Chrome browser on it's Android platform for mobiles, this trend looks set to continue.  Google already has the most popular mobile browser with Android's own default application, but the introduction of Chrome to the mobile sphere will no-doubt see millions of it's devotees shift to Chrome Mobile and the benefits it offers such as synced bookmarks and page tabs.
Going back to the stats, Firefox continues to hold a steady position in third place with roughly 25% of the market share, but it's position as the developers' favourite continues to slide as slow start up speeds, page crashes and  high memory usage continue to dog the application.  Within the Sparkstone team there has been our own internal battlefield of browser allegiances, but even the most die-hard Mozilla Firefox fans are starting to look for a more reliable substitute.  Maybe when IE10 is released as part of Windows 8, we'll enjoy it as a shiny new toy, but for now it's Chrome that tops the list.


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