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Fashion store with high expectations...

Albam clothing are a London based retailer selling quality goods at the top end of high street fashions.  They came to Sparkstone with a brief to develop a stylish and highly functional website that would appeal to their fashion conscious and tech savvy customers.

The marketing team at Albam provided us with with a very strict set of designs and our technical team 'delivered the goods' with a website that is a near pixel perfect match to the Photoshop mockups.

The original design for this website had a clean, cool and very crisp layout so we're very pleased that the end result is true to this concept. It's a website that puts design firmly at the top of it's priorities and as a result it's the product photos which become the star attraction.

Albam Clothing
Albam Clothing
Albam Clothing product listing page

  • Albam Clothing product listing page

    Multiple homepages with our advanced CMS...

    Albam were our first client to embrace our new Advanced CMS.  They wanted the homepage to have different layouts for each day of the week or to appear at random each time the page is loaded. 

  • Albam Clothing contact page

    Systems that grows with you...

    Since launching the original website Albam has continued to expand and Sparkstone's multichannel database system allows them to keep track of stock levels across the business.

  • Albam Clothing Product Pop up

    Many unique features...

    We spend a lot of time on cross-browser testing and this was essential for Albam as they wanted a very unique way of displaying product availability. Rolling over each product 'stamp' displays a speech bubble pop-up to show which sizes or variations are in stock.

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