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Litecraft UK a leading retail supplier of lighting goods, asked Sparkstone to deliver a multichannel solution that would enable them to sell product both in their bricks & mortar stores as well as via an online Ecommerce shop.  Litecraft are also a leading supplier to the Debenhams chain and the initial concepts they supplied echoed some of stylish minimalism of this mid-high end high street chain.

They also wanted an ecommerce web solution that would enable them to update content frequently as well as being able to create new landing pages for product offers and news events.

Sparkstone introduced them to our new Advanced Content Management System (CMS) and worked closely with their new marketing team to create a range of page templates that would enable them to react quickly and consistently to the every challenges of running an ecommerce business.  This online store is closely tied in with Sparkstone EPoS and back-end database system making stock control and price updates easier to manage in a growing business.

Litecraft homepage
Social media sharing of products

Advanced results filtering

Although Sparkstone's ecommerce mastercode has many advanced search abilities, it was until recently unable to filter search results once they had been rendered.  The Litecraft ecommerce project introduced 'faceting' to our category structures and allows users to filter or 'facet' results by selecting database properties such as style, price, colour and type.

  • Litecraft result listings

    Custom promotion icons

    Litecraft are a customer who like to make use of our Prodiuct Promotion Icons facility.  These icons or roundels appear in the top corner of any selected product stamp and are a perfect way of identifying products within different offer categories, for example 'Buy one get one free' or '20% OFF'.

  • Litecraft product details page

    Litecraft also wanted the product details page to be able to handle large numbers of product recommendations or related products.  This was essential as they have an enermous catalogue and they wanted customers to know just how many products they can supply.

  • Litecraft checkout page

    The site we delivered for Litecraft supports a number of payment methods including Paypal.  They also offer customers the opportunity to purchase gift vouchers as well as redeeming coupons to save money on purchases.

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More about payment methods...

Want to know more about accepting payments by Paypal or Google Checkout? Get in touch now to see how additional payment methods can have positive effects to your conversion success rates.

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