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Park Cameras are one othe UK's leading camera retailers, with multiple stores on the high street and an already successful online presence.

They asked us to redevelop their ageing website using the the more robust .Net (dot net) technology used in Sparkstone's latest Content Management System (CMS).

The added benefits of this complete redesign also included a fresh new style and page layout, plus the addition of mobile responsive content that adjusts to the user's screen size and browsing device. It's a revamp that was immediate in its impact, with onsite conversions increasing by 150% in the week after go-live!

Sparkstone's incredible new CMS not only makes it easier to add and remove content, but it's also designed to make websites perform better too; both page load speeds and search engine optimisation (SEO) are essential for increased shopping basket conversions, and Sparkstone CMS delivers on both counts.

Park Cameras website screenshot
Park Cameras

Visit Park Cameras

Check out Park's awesome new website for yourself - We're proud of how it turned out and we think the guys and girls at Park are doing a fantastic job with keeping it up-to-date.

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