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Putting the spotlight on usability...

Alan Howard are a long standing client of Sparkstone with an established e-commerce presence and numerous trade stores throughout the UK.

Like most of our client's websites, we noticed a growing trend for visitors using mobile or small screen devices to browse the site. As such we proposed a dedicated mobile e-commerce solution (m-commerce) that was platform independent but would still look like a native mobile app.

Using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technology we designed and built a mobile website that would allow users to quickly find and purchase items from the complete Alan Howard catalogue of products.

Alan Howard Mobile website
Alan Howard

We advised on ways to cut down bandwidth hungry content whilst still allowing customers access to vital product details as well as their own account information.

This stripping back to the basics resulted in a clean, uncluttered product page that makes "adding to basket", easy.


  • multiple products can be added to basket with one click

    New features to make buying even easier

    One new feature that is specific to the mobile version of the Alan Howard website is a new way of adding multiple products to the basket with one click.

    Alan Howard's hair industry customers often need to buy lots of similar items that are basically variations of the same product.  We would normally acheive this using our 'matrix' product options, but the Alan Howard database had been set up a number of years before this functionality became available.

  • Basket Page

    Working with your existing data

    Because of the shear volume of products in the Alan Howard catalogue it was unfeasible to re-organise these variations under single product codes. We created a method of grouping products so they appeared to be part of the same parent product code - we call this new type of category a 'fake matrix product'.

    If you have a large and unwieldy catalogue of products, Sparkstone can work with your existing database structure making it easier to navigate and allowing customers to make bulk purchases.

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