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Multichannel solution for fashion start-up

Suka Sport, are a London based clothing retailer specialising in outdoor and fitness clothing as well as some additional accessories.

They came to us with a logo and the beginnings of a brand scheme that had been produced by retail interiors specialist EPOC. They also had a vision of a company that would be different from 99% of all other sports retailers in the UK, particularly the larger mass market businesses that sell cheap but are often lacking in personality and service.

Suka asked Sparkstone to deliver a multichannel solution that would enable them to sell product both in their bricks & mortar store as well as online. It needed to use best practice design methodologies and would enable them to blend core retail selling activities with engaging customer content such as news stories and related services.

Suka Sport homepage
Suka Sport
Suka products landing page

  • Category Listings with customer controlled banners

    Working to brand guidelines...

    Suka were already well underway with the refit of their new shop in Beak Street, Carnaby and wanted their website to mirror some of the styling that had already been established in this London store.

  • Expanded colour palette for clothing size charts

    A strict yet complementary colour palette...

    Sparkstone expanded on Suka's existing palette of colours and made them suitable for on-screen display (RGB not Pantone). These additional colours proved a hit with website customers with many commenting on the clear and elegant clothing size charts as well as the easy to find 'Add to Basket' buttons.

  • Product Landing page for better site arrival experience

    Strategic partners with friendly advice...

    During its first few months our analytics studies of the Suka website showed that many visitors arrive not by the home page as expected, but often much deeper into the website structure.  We wanted to give Suka a way of using this to their advantage, so we added a 'Product landing Page' to act as a secondary homepage and capture more of the visitors who arrive via Google searches for specific products.

    At Sparkstone we pride ourselves on being strategy partners, able to offer non-biased advise for cost-effective improvements and additions that will keep your website ahead of the pack as technology and user habits continually evolve.

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Proven results with Sparkstone's basket layout...

Regular reviews of onsite analytics tell us the best way to improve conversions is by reducing checkout abandonment figures. Suka's basket layout and colour scheme encourages progression to the checkout stage whilst still allowing the option of adding more items to the basket.

Why not get in touch and see how our user experience (UX) specialists can 'tweak' you existing design to maximise conversions and improve the 'user journey' on your website.


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