Be responsive to your customer's needs...

Invest now so you don't miss the boat!

In a world of constantly changing technology and media channels, it's a good idea to offer your customers an e-commerce experience that is responsive to their own specific needs and chosen browsing device.

Over the past 12 months we've seen a huge increase in visitors using mobile or tablet devices both on our own website and more importantly to our client's e-commerce stores.  One client has seen mobile growth over just the past 4 months reaching nearly 60%.  This may be an anomaly to the industry average, but it is by no means extreme and is actually quite predictable when you look at the specific customer demographic of that particular client - tech savvy, mid to high earners with a growing familiarity for online shopping.  E-commerce has been with us now for roughly 15 years and it has consistently outperformed bricks and mortar retail in terms of sales growth and customer acquisitions, particularly during the recent economic downturn.

The fast maturing mobile-commerce sector now offers the greatest opportunity for increased sales as customers abandon slow and unwieldly sites in favour of slick, easy to navigate portals that put customer needs first and product information center stage.

Responsive design converts visitors into customers...

Ok, so this is a bold claim, but how many potential customers do you think you've lost due to a frustrating mobile browsing experience and even more annoying checkout procedure?

Sparkstone's responsively designed websites offer a more flexible browsing experience for all your customers whether they are using a small smartphone, tablet device or super wide, high-res desktop display monitor.  Using CSS media queries and flexible HTML templates we create websites that re-size and flow seemlessly whether you are viewing in portrait mode or a landscape orientation. Buy Now buttons and other calls-to-action can re-size automatically, making them easy to click on, even if you have the fattest of fingers!  Text and images can also be made to change size according to the viewing device, so if you have the latest high-def retina displays from Apple or a cheap and cheerful low end device you'll see the best content for your device.

Retailer lights the way...

Our client Litecraft, a leading supplier of lighting products, have been one of the first to see the light and have invested in a responsive design solution for their latest website incarnation.

Sparkstone created a website that gives Litecraft's website visitors a responsive experience right down to mobile screen sizes, offering customers bigger product images and easier basket/checkout navigation.

Visit Litecraft

click here to visit Sigma Sport
Longer visits and increased conversions...

Since introducing CSS media queries to their website Sigma Sport have seen a marked increase in conversions from tablets and other small screen devices.  Although we haven't implemented a fully 'mobile compatible' set of CSS styling rules, the new page layouts make browsing (and buying) easier for mobile customers who make up a large proportion of first-time visitors.

Click here to visit the Sigma Sport website then re-size the browser window to see the subtle differences in page layout.

Keeping ahead with HTML5 and CSS3

For years now cross-browser testing and backwards compatibility has been the bane of any web developer's life and it's a problem that has impacted greatly on build and testing costs.

However, there is now light at the end of the tunnel, with most modern browsers supporting the latest CSS techniques and HTML5 markup, making a consistent user experience easier to acheive even on mobiles and tablets devices.

Sparkstone's developers can analyse your visitor statistics and advise which enhancements will have the greatest benefit to the greatest number of your customers.


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