Content management


Retailers often find it frustrating that they have to rely on third party web developers to upload simple text content or images for them.

Sparkstone's advanced Content Management System (CMS) offers you powerful editing tools, delivered in a way that's even easier to use than the most well known software like Wordpress or Joomla.

Why you need a dynamic website...

Once you have an attractive and performing site its really important to keep it living and dynamic by constantly providing new offers or information to keep customers coming back. Some of this information might include promotions, news stories, articles and case studies as well as updates to product information.

By providing fresh, timely information and useful depth of content customers will enjoy their shopping experience more and tell their friends before coming back again to BUY!


We make it easy to do...

Sparkstone believes that it's important for our clients to be able to access and refresh their ecommerce sites whenever they want to. We encourage our client's web staff to become involved and we are happy to train anyone who is unfamiliar with the web so they can maintain basic information easily.

Of course we are also happy to mantain and update your site for you if preferred, so we always offer a solution based on your requirements and your budget.


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