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Retail is in our DNA, so whether your business is online only or multi-channel, we'll help you deliver a co-ordinated strategy from a single, manageable database that's flexible and scalable. Call now and speak to one of our specialist Ecommerce advisors.

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Feature-rich and intuitive websites

Sparkstone delivers Ecommerce sites using the latest technologies to ensure they both look amazing and their functionality is outstanding.

Modules & Features

Wish lists, pre-orders and the ability to change currency are just a few of the features built into our Ecommerce software; but it's our deep understanding of how customers actually shop online that makes our websites really deliver. We'll delight your customers with an engaging and responsive experience that will help to increase sales and profitability.

If you're looking to invest in an Ecommerce solution it's imperative to go about it the right way as wrong decisions can be expensive. So if this is your first journey into Ecommerce or if you're looking to build on an existing revenue stream, check out the reasons why you should choose a website from Sparkstone...

  • Outstanding design & usability

    An attractive and professional site is essential to draw customers in and give them the confidence to buy. Sparkstone's ecommerce websites are attractive and easy to navigate, from the homepage right through to final purchasing.

  • Fast ROI

    Your customers will look elsewhere if your site is slow, flaky and generally difficult to use. Sparkstone Ecommerce is fast and robust for a great shopping experience. Our customers can expect to see a significant improvement in both turnover and profitability, providing a quick return on investment.

  • A scalable solution

    To avoid expensive re-designs your online foundations must be rock solid; and once business picks up, your website must cope or you could risk losing valuable customers. Sparkstone Ecommerce is a scalable solution, able to fit your needs and budget right now but flexible enough to grow with you and the changing needs of your business.

  • Secure hosting & payments

    Your customers are much more likely to buy if they feel they are in a secure on-line environment. We secure our client websites with SSL certificates from Thawte, the leading name in digital security certificates. Our software comes equipped with out-of-the-box support for most of the major payment gateways and can be adapted to suit just about any gateway or payment provider of your choice.

  • Innovative & feature rich

    Today’s on-line shopper is sophisticated and expects a high level of functionality, which is why Sparkstone ecommerce comes with many amazing features as standard. Unlike many off-the-shelf systems our Ecommerce software has features for almost any situation you can conceive of; and even if your needs are so unique that they require a bespoke solution, our development team will always provide the most cost efficient solution possible.

  • Seamless back office integration

    If you sell your stock across multiple channels it's imperative that you have one integrated system to maintain customer service and reduce your workload. In addition, customers expect to be able to interact with your different channels seamlessly. Sparkstone Ecommerce contains powerful back office modules, which not only manage stock between your channels but also provide cross-channel benefits such as 'Click and Collect'.

  • Marketing & branding

    Launching a new website is a tremendous achievement, but you will still need effective digital marketing and SEO to make it a success. Our websites are designed to perform well and with the help of our in-house creatives, they really can shine!


All delivered by a groundbreaking CMS with responsive, multi-platform templates

Sparkstone's Content Management System will revolutionise the way you do business online; and its close integration with our CRM tools will help your marketing team to generate personalised, relevant online experiences for greater conversions.

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