Advanced price lists

Advanced sales price lists - single currancy


Customers like to know they are special - that their business is valued and that they are being treated as individuals - based on the relationship they have with your business.

Differences in geography, distribution costs, quantities sold all mean that customers need to be treated independently to ensure a fair deal is struck and profit opportunities maximised.

Sparkstone provides you with software that manages multiple price lists and incentives.

"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."
Master List Price Setup

Price Calculation Rules

Unbeatable value for money...
and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days...

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Feature-rich to drive your business forward...

Customer groups
  • Time limited price lists
  • Unlimited customer groups
  • Time limited membership of customer groups
  • Customer identification by card/swipe/number
  • Membership numbers
  • Optional membership fee
Price lists
  • Multiple price lists
  • Price lists for one or more customer groups
  • Price lists per customer if needed
  • Price lists per branch
  • Price lists per catalogue for multi channel operators
  • Price lists per web site for multi channel operators
  • Auto add new stock items to existing price lists
  • Configurable price list priorities
  • Product by product selection per price list
  • Product category selection for fast price list creation
  • Set up default calculation rules
  • Gross and net sales pricing calculations
  • Configurable rounding rules
    Set up quantity ranges/breaks per product
  • Dual price label layouts and more
Point of sale
  • Automatic application of correct price list on customer recognition at point of sale without staff input
  • Price list discounts may be shown on invoices/receipts
Multi currency price lists
  • Available through multi currency price list module:
    Specify separate currency per price list
Multi currency settlements
  • Available through multi currency settlements module
  • Allows any specified currency to be taken at point of sale in settlement of a sale in a different currency

Real benefits from day one...

Increased customer retention
Increased sales
Fewer mistakes on price list selection
Improved margin
Faster checkout process
Flexible pricing policies
Rapid implementation of price changes
Incentivisation through membership
Automatic price list end dates
Customer Groups

Getting loyal customers to return time after time is the key to growing a happy and content client base - and the foundation for new referrals.

Empowering staff through automation means faster adoption and less time wasted on training and complicated procedures.

Sparkstone gives you increased customer retention, higher sell through rates, improved staff operations and fewer chances for human error to damage customer relations.

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