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That the customer is king has never been truer

Unbeatable value for money...

Customers are everything! The only thing more memorable than good customer service is poor customer service.

Customers are unknowingly sophisticated in their buying habits and your challenge in the current climate is to forge relationships that last.

Sparkstone fully integrates epos and customer data so your staff can treat each customer as an individual - a loyal and happy customer base will ensure sales keep coming and drive up the intrinsic value of your business.

"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."

...and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days...

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Feature-rich to drive your business forward...


Standard features

  • Store customer name and addresses at PoS
  • Easily store gender, birthday, family and anniversary
  • Store multiple contacts
  • Store all transactions linked to that customer
  • Add corporate information, store multiple sites
  • Store up to 30 user definable customer interests for targeted marketing
  • Customers can "belong" to branch or head office
  • Add sales reps to customers
  • Track staff sales performance and commissions
  • Store full customer notes history - date stamped
  • Record customers future product interests
  • Store up to 200 additional fields that you define
  • Store sales ledger codes
  • Run the optional full sales ledger module
  • Enables customer deposits to be taken and goods reservation
  • Link to optional post code look up software for fast data selection and error free address trapping
  • Full transaction enquiry at point of sale
  • Search and identify
  • Automatic keyword generator including names and post codes, telephone numbers for ultra fast searching and one click selection
  • Simple/fast data capture for customer mobile phone and e-mail address
  • Issue membership cards for easy customer recognition at PoS
  • Optional post code look up link
  • Reporting
  • Group, tier and arrange customers
  • Full transactional history of every sale/refund linked to a customer
  • Full profit history
  • Profile customers
  • Location profiling
  • Future product interest reports
  • Discounts reporting by staff member

Real benefits from day one...

Improve customer retention
Build business value
Enable every member of staff to give the
very best customer service
Improve stock holding and turn
Reduce stock outs of key items
Build new channels to market
Easy preparation of mailing/email lists
Customer Records

Today’s customer doesn’t just shop in one place, nor in just one fashion. Retailers need to reach their customers across many channels — in the store, through the mail, and online — in order to thrive.

Waiting for customers to walk through the door should be a thing of the past - and they certainly shouldn't be leaving empty handed.

Get proactive - talk to your customers and give them what they want - first class, bespoke tailored service, when they want and how they want.

It all starts with an active customer database - call us now on 01489 795 000 to find out how you can build sales - dynamically.

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