Data import and export

Be more efficient

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Allows the import or export of any record or transaction into or out of the Sparkstone database to or from a variety of “text file” formats.

Need to download the transaction history of one of your customers? No problem with one easy click our software will export all the information into one easily accessible file.

Import/Export Report

...another great addition to top off a good all round system

Other Modules

Stock matrix (fashion items)
Warranty tracking
Serial number tracking
Hand held use

Our system provides the following:

Standard features

  • Easy to use interface for easy stock management
  • Short descriptions for receipts and long notes for reports
  • Fast search facility
  • Stock group/category/department management
  • Sales price history - track individual product performance over a fixed period
  • Multi location, multi site & multi bin
  • Warehouse route picking and separate bins/location
  • Product Stock images and detailed product technical information
  • Seasonal analysis
  • Complete import facilities for bulk imports/updates
  • Alphanumeric stock codes
  • Multiple stock categories/hierarchical stock grouping
  • Rapid goods in process
  • Branch transfers and goods in from point of sale
  • Complete audit trail of all stock movements
  • Variable value items/tailorable descriptions
  • Multiple purchase outers/pack sizes per product
  • Location transfer history (goods in transit)
  • Full FIFO/Average cost stock valuations>
  • Store up to 200 user definable fields
  • Stock taking tools including reconciliation
  • Clear end of lines easily
  • Identify slow and fast moving lines
  • Multiple bar codes per product
  • Multiple suppliers per product
  • Label printing
  • Hand-helds (scanners) for busy stores/ warehouses
  • Multiple sales prices per product
  • Stock revaluation per item/shrinkage analysis
  • Alternate items
  • Superseded items
  • Archive products and retain full history
  • User definable stock alerts/messages at po


  • Extensive stock reporting
  • Cross analyse any way you wish
  • By department/category/store/user/till/channel
  • Sell through reporting
  • Dynamic links with Excel and other analytical tools
  • Design your own reports with Crystal and other
  • reporting tools with built in data "views"

You'll see a change from day one

Fast, immediate reports
Easy to use and manage stock control
Dynamic links to Microsoft Office
Configurable stock templates
Improve stock turnover
Avoid stock shortages
Increase margins

At Sparkstone we provide a fully functional EPoS System that will allow your store / company to head in the right direction.

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