Electronic funds transfer

EPoS Software module that...

Integrates credit card processing software into Sparkstone so that you do not need to use separate PDQ/streamline machines.


...it's core to have an Electronic funds transfer setup within a business especially these days...

Sparkstone EPoS Software provides the following features and more..

Standard features

  • Clear user interfaces for easy stock maintenance
  • Short descriptions for receipts and long notes for reports
  • Ultra fast stock search
  • Stock group/category/department management
  • Sales price history - track performance over time
  • Stock pictures and product technical information
  • Complete import facilities for bulk imports/updates
  • Multiple stock categories/hierarchical stock grouping
  • Branch transfers and goods in from point of sale
  • Complete audit trail of all stock movements
  • Variable value items/tailorable descriptions
  • Location transfer history (goods in transit)
  • Stock taking tools including reconciliation
  • Identify slow and fast moving products
  • Multiple bar codes per product
  • Multiple suppliers per product
  • Hand-helds (scanners) for busy stores/ warehouses
  • Multiple sales prices per product
  • Stock revaluation per item/shrinkage analysis


  • Extensive stock reporting
  • By department/category/store/user/till/channel
  • Dynamic links with Excel and other analytical tools
  • Design your own reports with Crystal and other

You'll see the difference...


Fast, immediate reports
Easy to use and manage stock control
Dynamic links to Microsoft Suite
Edit stock templates
Flexible replenishment guidelines
Improve stock turnover
Avoid going out of stock
Increase margins and profit

The advantages of having an integrated Electronic funds transfer (EFT) compared to a stand-alone PDQ type units are that sales are simpler and more efficient, the possibility of mistakes is reduced dramtically and there is less administration.

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