Loyalty scheme manager

Reward your customers and they will come back for more

Unbeatable value for money...

Customer retention is key to business growth - reward your customers and in turn they will reward your faith in them.

In today's competitive market it's expensive to gain new customers and arguably even more expensive to lose customers once you have them.

One of the major tools at your disposal is loyalty schemes - and if correctly structured you will find loyalty schemes vastly more cost effective than other promotional marketing methods.

Using our Loyalty Scheme Manager gives you ultimate flexibility over the schemes you specify; and when combined with Sparkstone's Ecommerce websites or web integration tools you can even apply loyalty schemes to your online trading too.

Mori poll of factors motivating retail sector loyalty members to spend more - top reason Good Customer Service 34 percent

Loyalty points configuration

Feature-rich to drive your business forward...

Standard features

You can specify:

  • Loyalty point value calculations
  • Loyalty rules per category/brand
  • Loyalty rules per product
  • Loyalty points per category/brand
  • Loyalty points per product
  • Loyalty schemes for predefined periods of time
  • Promotional loyalty rules for categories/brands
  • Promotional loyalty points per product
  • Whether customers earn on first sale
  • Whether customers earn on pre or post discount sale prices
  • Customer minimum balances before redemption
  • Customer maximum redemption per sale
  • Loyalty expiry point rules
  • Print customer loyalty point statements from point of sale
  • Use points as rewards for desired customer action eg writing a review
  • Redemption can be treated as a discount or a voucher settlement
  • Your scheme can allow conversion to gift voucher cards

Real benefits from day one...

  • Improve customer retention
  • Build business value
  • Enable every member of staff to give the very best customer service
  • Improve stock holding and turn
  • Reduce stock outs of key items
  • Build new channels to market
  • Easy preparation of mailing/email lists

Everything about today's market place is focussed on customer centricity

Placing customer satisfaction front and centre as the most important objective for your business is probably easier said then done.

But once you commit to the customer relationship you can skyrocket your business success no matter what the economic climate.

Loyalty points is just one of the ways that you can successfully reinforce your place in your customers' list of valuable suppliers - call us now on 01489 795 000 to find out how you can build sales and customer loyalty.

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