Mail order and Sales order processing

Save time every day

Unbeatable value for money...

Sparkstone is a true multi channel retail system providing businesses with retail solutions and a range of additional routes to market including special orders and mail

order/trade counter operations.
Once you move into shipping goods to customers, picking goods, warehouse management, order management all comes into sharp focus.
Whether you want to provide Mail order/Telephone retail sales (MOTO) or move into business to business trade sales - Sparkstone manages it all with ease - in one integrated solution.
"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."

...and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days...

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Feature-rich to drive your business forward...

Sales order entry

  • Easy to learn, fast order entry
    Same interface design as all other channels
    Huge amounts of stock information at pos
    Stock availability information at pos
    Clear order status information clear at pos
    Enter customer details at any point in sales process
    Use our unique deal maker at pos to maximise
    Sell stock items and non stock items
    Carriage and delivery charges
    Separate required by dates per line
    Sophisticated shipping matrix
    Separate delivery addresses to billing address
    Take deposits or full payment on order
    Direct shipping by supplier for settled orders
    Optional post code look up
    Diary management for order fulfilment
    Split orders at point of sale for part shipment
    To follow notes
    Delivery notes
    Configurable invoice layouts
    Optional link to quote maker and links to Outlook
    Back office order management
    Own transport route management
    Warehouse route picking management
    Stock warnings on heavy items
    Split orders for part shipment
    Substitute items
    Auto print out of picking lists for available items
    Auto back order for out of stock items
    Bulk sales order updates
    Excellent reporting
    Flexible data analysis tools
    Dynamic links for Microsoft Excel and other
  • reporting tools

Delivering real benefits from day one...

Extend sales into new channels
Improve margins
Manage sales orders efficiently
Improve stock turnover
Take advantage of your suppliers
Build excellent customer relations
Maximise use of expensive space
Easy to learn system
Single integrated management system


It is extremely rare to find a single system that has equal weight across all channels to market.
Sparkstone deals with shop sales and cash and carry sales, it deals with mail order and sales order processing - together with all the complexity of managing multiple channels and it does it all without burdening staff with different systems.
One single system is the objective for so many large organisations and Sparkstone can provide you with all the functionality you need, quickly and economically.
Call today on 10489 795 000 to discuss your action plan.

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