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Getting the right products into your business, fast - that's the name of the game today - you need to know what and how much to buy, when to buy, when it's being delivered, whether the deliveries were correct - and how much to pay for it...

Controlling purchasing within budgets and across the whole enterprise, whilst maximising profits and sales, is key to the success of any retailer. At the same time you need to know which suppliers are really performing for you.
Sparkstone's Purchase Order Processing software gives you the tools to maximise your supply chain opportunities.
"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."

...and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days...

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Feature-rich to drive your business forward...


  • Clear easy to use screens
    Purchase order management per
    supplier/category/branch - at a glance
    Easy, super fast, single currency purchase orders
    See what's in stock/on order/committed during
    purchase order entry
    Flexible work flow configurations
    Duplicate purchase orders
    Import purchase orders
    Park orders pending authorisation
    Lock purchase orders
    Consolidate purchase orders
    Agreed supplier terms
    Separate delivery instructions per line/order
    Easy entry grid for matrix (fashion) stock items
    Purchase orders per branch
    Purchase in "outers" - pack sizes
    Call off schedules for purchase orders
    Supplier reference for purchase order
    Clear reports of outstanding items
    Cancel incomplete purchase orders
    Send purchase orders by email in PDF format
    Send purchase orders direct by fax
    Send purchase orders as request for tender/quote
    Line numbers on purchase orders
    Barcodes on purchase orders
    Supplier codes on purchase orders
    Separate required by dates per line
    Manage expected dates per line
    Different delivery address per purchase order line
    Link purchase orders to customer special orders
    Link purchase orders to sales orders
    Raise requests to purchase (RTPs) at point of sale or
    back office
    Consolidate requests to purchase
    Reserve stock locations on receipt
    Drop ship facilities
    Dynamic links to Excel and other reporting tools for
    flexible reporting

Delivering real benefits from day one...

Control purchasing
Easy to learn systems
Minimise stock holdings
Monitor supplier performance
Minimise holding costs
Improve stock turnover
Maximise profit opportunities
Maximise discounts
Email/fax purchase orders
Fast, clear and accurate reports
Purchase Orders

A leading retailer recently said:

How much stock do we really need to own? When I visited America they run on 12-week stock. I want to run my business on six or seven-week stock.

He added that in the downturn, more than ever, customers need to be excited and want freshness and newness in their stores. "It is about speed to market, speed is more important than price," said Green.

Sparkstone enables even the smallest retailer to level the playing field and react fast - don't hang about

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