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The Sparkstone core module collection provides you with everything you need to manage the fundamental requirements of your retail endeavour.

You can chose to add optional modules that extend the functionality of the core bundle as your business needs dictate. Our core bundle includes "supplier file" - setting up and managing your suppliers.

It would be fair to say that even our basic tool kit far exceeds the functionality offered by many of our competitors products - but we don't make a song and dance about it - it really is a core module.

"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."

...and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days...

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Feature-rich to drive your business forward...

Standard features

  • Simple administration and approval of new supplier
  • Clear easy to use screens to manage suppliers
    Add multiple supplier choices per product
    Unlimited barcodes per supplier/product
    Supplier stock codes per supplier/product
    Email suppliers
    Store suppliers web sites per product
    Match goods received notes to purchase orders
    Match purchase invoices to goods received notes
    Full traceability of all transactions with supplier
    Easily accessible information for supplier statement
    Store buying terms per supplier
    Instantly know stock levels per suppler
    Add multiple suppliers to single purchase ledger
    Maintain lead times per product per supplier
    Auto link sales prices to supplier cost prices
    Print goods received notes with bin locations
    Store retro-discount information
    Store settlement discount information
    Store landed cost information
    Rank suppliers
    Store multiple contacts per supplier
    Easy to use reporting
    Dynamic links with Excel and other reporting tools

Delivering real benefits from day one...

Single database management of all
product suppliers
Know exactly what you've got in stock at
any time
Easy to use, easy to learn
Economical cost of ownership
Drive profitability from the buying stages
throughout the business
Monitor delivery performance
Don't overstock - improve stock turnover
Supplier Report

A leading retailer recently said:

How much stock do we really need to own? When I visited America they run on 12-week stock. I want to run my business on six or seven-week stock.

He added that in the downturn, more than ever, customers need to be excited and want freshness and newness in their stores. "It is about speed to market, speed is more important than price," said Green.

Sparkstone enables even the smallest retailer to level the playing field and react fast - don't hang about

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