Easy email marketing

Sparkstone have a proven history of producing successful online marketing campaigns. Whether your main goal is increased turnover or simply to improve brand awareness, we have the right skills, experience and technology to make it happen.

 Our clients have experienced massive success using our email marketing campaign software.

Sparkstone's 'e-blaster' tool offers superior database segmentation because of it's tight integration with our EPoS and Ecommerce platforms so you'll get more accurate feedback on conversions and goals achieved.

You can also select specific customer groups from your database, enabling you to send targeted discounts or promotions.


Our design team includes experienced retail professionals with both agency and in-house experience. This means we understand the time restrictions and fast changing requirements of your marketing strategy.

 We know that items can go out of stock just as you are about to send an email or new products can suddenly become available thus needing to be showcased.

You need email concepts that are flexible enough to accommodate these changes and Sparkstone aims to deliver these on time and on budget.

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Affiliate marketing

Using affiliate partners we help to increase our client's web traffic whilst keeping marketing spends low. Affiliate schemes also allow us to be quite specific about where and when adverts will appear and enables us to gain greater conversions than with a scattergun or blanket wide approach. 

Get your affiliate campaign started with some great banner ad designs from Sparkstone Creative.


PPC marketing can be useful for short-term campaigns when you don't have a huge amount of online content to boost your search rankings.

Sparkstone can help you seize new PPC opportunities before your competitors spot them.

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