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You need to know that your supplier will always be there to help - that their service is reliable, their technical knowledge is sound and their advice is based on real life experience. Sparkstone Technology has a vast experience of retail, finance and technology - combined with a healthy dose of common sense.

Make Sparkstone your supplier of choice and watch your profits soar!



We will work with you at all times to ensure a smooth installation whether working with your existing infrastructure or installing new hardware.

We can help with inspections, IT planning, implementation and handover. Our software makes it easy to perform nationwide roll-outs with ease.


We offer flexible support options covering basic business hours right up to 364 24/7.

We have remote access to your systems and can diagnose and assist with problems directly; providing peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your business.


Flexible training to suit your needs and budget;delivered on site, on-line, in classroom sessions or one to one training at our offices. Our software is so easy to learn - the point of sale can be picked up in 20 minutes. Once you have grasped the basics, a second session will build on that knowledge allowing you to get even more from the system.


Our trained consultants can configure the software to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

From the outset they will manage the project to meet your specific needs & objectives as well as help with report writing and integration with 3rd party applications. As your business chnages they will assist to tweak the system accordingly.

Project Management

From pre-sales onwards we will constantly provide advice to help you achieve a timely and cost effective solution. We will oversee and manage the entire installation from start to finish and use the latest technology to keep everybody informed of progress, milestones and deadlines.

Bespoke Work

Sparkstone Retail is packed with funtionality so most clients use it "out of the box" however we also offer bespoke work for clients to help them create a seamless solution across their business.


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