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Sales price maintenance

Save time every day

The Sparkstone core module collection provides you with everything you need to manage the fundamental requirements of your retail endeavour.

You can chose to add optional modules that extend the functionality of the core bundle as your business needs dictate. Our core bundle includes "sales price maintenance" - setting sales prices of your products to maximise profitability.
It would be fair to say that even our basic tool kit far exceeds the functionality offered by many of our competitors products - but we don't make a song and dance about it - it really is a core module.
"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."

Unbeatable value for money...

"...and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days..."

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Feature-rich to drive your business forward...

Standard features

  • 5 standard sales prices per product
  • Full history of all sales price changes over life of product
  • Permanent sales price changes
  • Temporary sales price changes that automatically revert to previous price on expiry
  • Track who made sales price changes
  • Set up sales price changes in advance
  • Easy look up of products for price modification
  • Easy price label printing
  • Multi format price label layouts
  • Set net of VAT prices or gross of VAT prices
  • Set prices by margin/factor/mark up
  • Round to nearest marketable price
  • User definable price bands for rounding
  • Easy stock search for selective price updates
  • Price update by category
  • Bulk price update tools
  • Value updates across a range of products
  • Percentage changes across a range of products
  • Select items for update based on changes in cost prices
  • Auto update of sale price based on purchase order price changes and target margins
  • Excellent reporting
  • Dynamic links to Microsoft office for easy analysis in Excel or other reporting tools

Delivering real benefits from day one...

Fast reaction to market conditions
Efficiently manage price changes
Print labels in advance
Maximise profitability
Make better use of staff time
Use fine control of prices to make your
stock investment work for you
Avoid over stocking
Retail customers through keen pricing
Correct pricing is essential!
Too low and you lose valuable profits
Too high and you lose sales and customers - possibly for life
If you don't have enough sales you risk slow moving stock
with all the potentially dire consequences if not addressed
Today, more than ever you must be on top of your pricing
and market positioning
Sparkstone provides you with the tools to maximise
profitability and grow your customer base.
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