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Special offers and promotions

Special offers and promotions

Enticements, invitations to browse, moving people into your stores is the name of the game...not just in difficult times - all the time.

If you can attract more visitors to your retail premises you have the best chance of making the sales you need to make your business a success. And keen pricing keeps customers coming back.

Incentivising customers is not easy, you need information to give you the right products to promote without prejudicing profits and you need tools to help you manage the day to day work.

"It's so easy to use - all our staff love it..."


"Unbeatable value for money...
and a great investment for our business - in today's market I wouldn't want to go back to the dark old days..."

Feature-rich to drive your business forward...

  • Easy set up of promotions
  • Link offers to campaigns
  • Measure success of individual promotions
  • Measure sales from marketing campaigns
  • Easy product selection for incentivisation
  • Standard software includes line discounts and deal discounts and dealmaker to adust line margins
  • Clear, easy to use screens to help staff
  • Multiple offers
  • Point of sale automatically recognises items on offer and applies discounts with no effort from staff
  • Time limited offers
  • Offers can be set up in advance
  • Free incentive product offers
  • Multiple free products by selection
  • Supplier linked/backed free product offers
  • Quantity rules on free product offers
  • Unbelievably flexible multiple offer set up (eg link multi buy and free product offers)
  • Multi buy offers (2 for 1 etc)
  • BOGOF offers
  • Mix n match multi buys - allow product mixed offers
  • Fixed unit price offers (eg any 2 for £3 each)
  • Fixed total price offers (eg any 2 for £7.50)
  • Selection of discount treatments
  • Selection of discount calculations for multi buys
  • Set up bundle/kit offers
  • Multiple quantities within bundle
  • Single entry or multi lines on receipt for bundle/kit sales
  • Full reporting of bundle/kit sales
  • Excellent range of standard reports
  • Dynamic links to Microsoft Excel and other advanced reporting tools

Real benefits from day one...

Attract new customers
Reward existing customers
Maximise profits from fast moving items
Clear slow moving items faster
Improve stock turnover
Measure success of marketing campaigns
Improve staff efficiency
Zero staff effort at point of sale - system
Recognises current offers

Competition is keener than ever - you need to compete to get customers through the door and you need to have the right prices to convert foot traffic into sales.

The special offer module allows you to easily set up special offers to attract customers with value propositions and to convert marginal customers.

Careful use of incentives can also help manage stock levels with fine tune control.

Sparkstone provides you with functionality to help build your business through well managed campaigns and incentives. With a wide range of reports you can also measure the success of your marketing efforts.

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