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Traditional business embraces modern marketing methods...

Starting from a very traditional wholesale business in1870, GJW Titmuss have embraced new technology and business practices to become one of the UK's leading petfood retailers.  They now challenge the bigger high street names and supermarkets in online sales whilst also maintaining a strong customer loyalty in their bricks and mortar stores.

Sparkstone provides email design and technology services, which have dramatically increased online conversions through co-ordinated campaigns deployed to strategically selected customer groups.

Our email blaster software enables Titmuss to segment email adresses into demographics with target purchase histories including everything from average order value, specific products bought and time since last purchase. Using additional customer supplied information our software can even target customers who have a cat or dog, the specific breed, and even by specialist dietary needs.

Successful email marketing campaigns for GJW Titmuss pet foods
GJW Titmuss
Website banner ad to accompany Dentastix email

Co-ordinating your campaign with website content

An important part of any email marketing campaign is to co-ordinate graphics and text across all media and that means having complementary banners on your website landing pages. The image above is a homepage banner that we created to accompany an email campaign for Mars petfood products.

  • Email campaign for Gourmet Gold cat food

    Clever brand alignment and strategic content...

    In this email for Gourmet Gold the cat food manufacturer supplied a range of source imagery for us to use.  They were running similar campaigns with their other retailers and wanted to ensure brand consistancy across all customer communications.  In many cases the strength of the product brand is just as important as your own and in this instance the single brand email helped to deliver an enormous ROI with excellent conversion rates.

    Maintaining the brand image of both Titmuss and their suppliers also helps Titmuss to distance themselves from lesser brands even if they wish to continue selling them.  For example, if the email is selling high quality products at reasonable prices the text mentions Titmuss often and the logo is usually included alongside the product. If the product is a bargain basement item, the text mentions just the price with the logo shown only at the top of the page.

  • Main banner for bird feed email

    Short and sweet...

    An email can be particularly effective if the message is simple, well timed and relevant to the customer.  In this example a single banner graphic was used to promote bird seed just before a spell of cold weather.

  • Wellies and boots email

    Strike while the iron is hot... or wet!

    Keeping a close eye on external influences can make certain product promotions much more successful than they would be as part of a bigger email or at the wrong time of the year.

    This email promoting boots and wellies coincided with the start of some wet autumn weather and we recommended a wide selection of price points as this email would be going out to all customers.


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