Unify your communications and increase customer engagement

Engage customers wherever they are.

Sparkstone VoIP (NEC Univerge Blue®) is an easy-to-use cloud-based communications platform to increase customer engagement PLUS your team will be more productive and collaborative. It includes a full-featured cloud-based phone system combined with chat, video conferencing and file storage capabilities.

You can also benefit from integration with Sparkstone CRM, to accelerate and enhance customer engagement.

• Reliable • Cost-effective • Scalable

Work better, wherever you are.

Wherever your business operates – the office, at home, on-site – it’s important that
employees are equipped with the right tools to be productive and communicate
with colleagues and clients from anywhere. Equally important is ensuring a safe,
productive work environment that is good for your business and great for people.
Bring your teams and customers together on one of the most inclusive integrated
business communications platforms and adopt digital workplace strategies to create
environments that maximise employee productivity, well-being, and safety.

Bring your teams together and your customers closer.