Sparkstone Backoffice

The power behind our Sparkstone platform – providing real-world business tools for real-world business problems

Growing a retail business is not simple – but you can make it easier by investing in systems that facilitate growth and enable your vision to become reality.

Sparkstone Backoffice unlocks new opportunities for productivity, efficiency, communications and profitability. The vast range of tools, features and modules are all designed to remove operational process complexity from a multitude of separate systems and integrate them into a single unified platform. A single business management platform, supporting your business today and supporting the growth of your business tomorrow.

Features & Modules

If you’re trying to expand your retail business you already know what’s taking its toll on hours and staff morale – you already know how complex the understanding and managing of these processes can be, so we’ve broken it down into three easy-to-understand areas…


All the functions you need to keep on top of purchasing stock and managing suppliers


All of the tools a business needs to manage stock, product data, media, costs and pricing


Vast options to manage, sell, fulfil, dispatch and deliver orders across all channels, as well as managing customers relationships

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Welcome to the one source of truth – all Data, one Database

At the core of our platform – the single database. One source of the truth, one place to house, secure and query all aspects of your business.

Here are some of the other benefits;

  • Single data connection – no need to connect to multiple external sources, each with its own potential storage and network issues.
  • Backup and maintenance – only one system to backup and maintain!
  • New features and modules are generally easier to build as the data and connections already exist!
  • Higher crash resistance on single databases as there are no other dependencies, no chain reaction or domino effect downtime from external systems.
  • Quicker implementation for new builds or upgrades as there are no other data dependants.
  • Complex queries can be created and are lightning fast.

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