Sparkstone Backoffice


So now you have the stock, our Product core module collection provides you with everything you need to manage and maintain all aspects of your product data.

Sales Management

Sales Order Processing (SOP)

Sparkstone is a true multi-channel retail system providing businesses with retail solutions and a range of additional routes to market including special orders and mail order/trade counter operations. Once you move into shipping goods to customers, picking goods, warehouse management, order management all come into sharp focus.

Whether you want to provide Mail order/Telephone retail sales (MOTO) or move into business to business trade sales – Sparkstone manages it all with ease – in one integrated solution.

Mobile Sales Team

Does your business have a team of salespeople interacting and engaging with clients on the road? Our mobile sales team allows your team to sit with the customer, take and process orders on site, whether they’re on a laptop or via a tablet. Enabling more sales by giving your team the tools they need to respond to client demand instantly.

With our mobile sales features you can browse through products, check previous orders and place orders. You can also add new clients and send all email notifications, all from within the app.

Ecommerce & CMS

Our bespoke Ecommerce solution together with our CMS unleashes vast online sales opportunities. Why fit your business around an off-the-shelf platform when we can sculpt a high performance online presence that integrates seamlessly into the Sparkstone family of products. We have a range of options, modules, features and functions that will support and boost your sales operations.

Our CMS gives you the control to make, theming, content, masterpages and templates infinitely editable and configurable. Also, our proliferation signature means that we can work out exactly where your customers come from and serve them the information they need. For example, if you’re operating in other markets we can redirect them to a localised template, meaning that your global operations can be controlled on a single platform.

We also have a team of Ecommerce specialists on hand to help you with both your day-to-day requests or to develop integrations with new or existing third party services.

Find out more about our Ecommerce solutions by clicking here.

Merchandising & Promotions

Enticements, invitations to browse, moving people into your stores is the name of the game…not just in difficult times – all the time.

If you can attract more visitors to your retail premises you have the best chance of making the sales you need to make your business a success. And keen pricing keeps customers coming back.

Incentivising customers is not easy, you need information to give you the right products to promote without prejudicing profits and you need tools to help you manage the day to day work.


Sparkstone point of sale provides one of the simplest, most user-friendly interfaces around to enable fast processing of sales in busy environments whilst enabling your staff to give the best customer service – no matter what their experience.

Fast to learn – the average member of staff only needs 20 minutes to become familiar with processing sales, robust and ultra-reliable.

Everything you need to ensure your customers know you care and that you maximise golden sales opportunities.

Distribution Management

Pick, Pack & Dispatch

Custom workflows and fulfilment are something our competitors struggle with – we build based on your real world scenario to match and make your pick, pack and dispatch process as efficient seamless as possible.

Our tools enables your team to work seamlessly together with the information and workflow that suits your business requirements, whether that’s a small single store or an established retailer with vast warehouses, we can pinpoint items for quick pick, pack and dispatch.

Customer Collect

Whether your customers purchase products online, or over the phone, we have a range of tools to process the order and ensure that the stock is available at the customers preferred store.

When using our Click & Collect Ecommerce feature, customers get the opportunity to select between home delivery or collection from store. They can see accurate quantities of the stock in the different locations and get the option to select what specific store they want to collect it from. As a business owner the ability for customers to collect from store is not only convenient, but it also reduces the pressure on dispatch and delivery.

Direct Delivery

Our delivery module and tools make an often-complex problem a breeze. We can setup fulfilment workflows to support complex dispatch scenarios and notify the customer every step of the way.

We have several integrations with national and international courier services and the delivery matrix is so configurable you can create unlimited delivery options. Options that include the ability to include/exclude areas, limit options for potentially dangerous products and limit options based on the product weight and dimensions.

Drop Ship Vendor (DSV)

Our drop ship module allows businesses to sell products without the need to hold the stock. Using drop ship you can confirm supplier stock availability, take and process an order and notify the supplier with the order details.

Many of our drop ship solutions require specific integration development, and with our team of experienced integration experts we can liaise, design and develop a solution that works seamlessly between both your supplier and Sparkstone.

Customer Management

Price Lists

Customers like to know they are special – that their business is valued and that they are being treated as individuals – based on the relationship they have with your business.

Differences in geography, distribution costs, quantities sold all mean that customers need to be treated independently to ensure a fair deal is struck and profit opportunities maximised.

Sparkstone provides you with software that manages multiple price lists and incentives and allows your staff to operate without worrying about price list selection.

Sales Ledger

Credit account customers – but you’re in retail. Yes, and we understand too.

Not only do you sell by retail but you also sell on credit to customers, maybe its only a few customers and maybe because you operate a full trade counter business operation.

Sparkstone retail sales ledger puts you fully in control of your credit customers allowing you to closely monitor your exposure and help you grow your business through flexible and supportive credit terms.

Trade Customers

Are you a B2B enterprise? Our platform fully supports trade customers. From our mobile sales app to enable a sales team to close deals on the road, through to our CRM that enables customised workflows tailored to your make your sales and order process seamlessly efficient.

We have customer groups for which you can set specific price-lists, and using our CRM Marketing tools you can create group specific campaigns to continually engage with your customers.


To be as competitive as possible you require a CRM, and a support team, that recognises your uniqueness. If your CRM is not addressing your current and future needs, we can help.

One size does not fit all. We will work with you to define exactly what’s needed, combining ‘out of the box’ CRM features with bespoke integrations and highly customisable interfaces; all at affordable and transparent rates.

You can find out more about our CRM by clicking here


Our platform is fully customisable, whether your objective is to mirror your business operations or increase productivity we can build tailor the system to meet those objectives.

In our CRM you can customise the workflow to automate notifications, to remind your team to follow-up with a call or generate a task. In our backoffice you can automate order processing and start a fulfilment process. The options are endless.

Customer Service

Customers are everything! The only thing more memorable than good customer service is poor customer service.

Customers are unknowingly sophisticated in their buying habits and your challenge in the current climate is to forge relationships that last. Sparkstone fully integrates customer data so your staff can treat each customer as an individual – a loyal and happy customer base will ensure sales keep coming and drive up the intrinsic value of your business.

Integrated Comms

We offer a range of integrated comms solutions, whether it’s sending SMS and email from within our apps, live chat and interaction through one of the social channels, or VoIP and video conferencing, we have a number of a number of existing integrations with leading software in these areas that continue to extend the capabilities and opportunities with our platform.

To find out more about our VoIP solutions and our close partnership with NEC’s UnivergeBlue connect solution please click here.


We have a range of marketing tools within our platform. Create and send email campaigns to all or a select datalist of customers in our CRM tool or send out an SMS to customers about the latest offers and deals instore and online.

We have a range of integrations with services like Mailchimp and Klavyo and our promotion and special offers module helps support your campaigns with centralised control over incentive and loyalty programmes.