Sparkstone Backoffice


So now you have the stock, our Product core module collection provides you with everything you need to manage and maintain all aspects of your product data.

Product Management

Product Information Management (PIM)

So, now you have products, a full stockroom or warehouse, but now how do you get the products out in front of your customers online or in-store? You need a system to hold all that important product data, from SKUs, codes, barcodes and labels to product descriptions, images and all-important SEO data.  The Product Information Management module is one of the core functions of Sparkstone Backoffice and gives you everything you need to stay on top of your products and ranges.

FIFO (First-In, First-Out)

FIFO, is an asset-management and valuation method in which assets produced or acquired first are sold, used, or disposed of first. At Sparkstone we understand how important FIFO is to retailers, especially at a time where prices and costs are in constant flux. Our platform had a range of features to track stock movements and price changes, ensuring accurate asset valuations ready for your accounts at the click of a button.

Sales Price Management

Standard tools to manage your sales prices responsively and intuitively. Bulk edit/update tools, time limited pricing and logical calculations mean that maintaining competitive prices without sacrificing margin has never been easier.

Price Records

As with all businesses, tracking stocked item price/costs may not be enough. On our platform we cater for a range of non-stock items including; service sales, carriage, packing, insurance and delivery costs, storage fees, warranties. All of which – and more – can all be handled with ease and without setting up dummy stock records.

Stock Matrix

If you’re into fashion then the stock matrix module gives you an unbelievable array of benefits to make your business easier to run and drive profitability – it improves control and puts you firmly in the driving seat.

The matrix module allows you to sub-divide a stock code into an unlimited number of variants in up to 5 axes simultaneously.

Serial Number Tracking

Sometimes you have individual products within a range with unique qualities, whether they are limited editions, hand-crafted or contain batch specific ingredients – our Serial number tracking module ensures a concrete platform for traceability and recording specific data at the individual unit level.

Warehouse & Stock management


Getting stock to the right locations at the right time in anything but the smallest of operations can become a tiresome and troublesome process.

The Sparkstone replenishment module provides you with a well-thought-out tool kit to help you automate suggested purchase orders to suppliers, and improve the branch replenishment process both efficiently and with a careful eye for profit improvements.

Pick, Pack & Dispatch

Custom workflows and fulfilment are something our competitors struggle with – we build based on your real world scenario to match and make your pick, pack and dispatch process as efficient and seamless as possible.

Our tools enables your team to work seamlessly together with the information and workflow that suits your business requirements, whether that’s a small single store or an established retailer with vast warehouses, we can pinpoint items for quick pick, pack and dispatch.

Stock Control

Manage stock throughout the business, across all sites and channels, accurate valuations, easy processing, complete histories, and fantastic analyses.

The number one reason for not making a retail sale is not having the item in stock – if a customer can’t see what they want then they simply don’t give you a second chance. Yet, one of the main reasons for going bust is tying up too much money in the wrong stock – it seems so obvious … in hindsight.

Stock Features

Just knowing you have stock is useful, but our stock features go much further!  From goods-in, goods-out to replenishment, adjustments, stock takes, transfers, picking, returns management, scan and pack – we have a vast range of tools to help you stay on top of all aspects of your stock inventory and movements.