Sparkstone’s Ecommerce and CRM solutions have been designed and rebuilt from the ground up, to complement our industry leading EPOS and stock management tools.

Our new software offers retailers the very best way to increase turn over and profitability; with a fully integrated, single database solution, that is updated in real-time across every channel of your business.

Sparkstone's retail software is quick to install and once up-and-running you'll notice significant improvements in the time it takes you to perform standard jobs, as well as more complex tasks.

Like any industry, retail is a sector that continues to change and evolve, with both customers and retailers themselves demanding more from software developers and equipment providers.Sparkstone prides itself on being at the cutting edge of retail technology with products that help retailers to reduce manual processes and increase the size of their business.

Switch to Sparkstone now and we’ll boost your power to attract new customers, complete sales and deliver the goods. Improved systems across all areas of your business will help to ‘rev up’ staff and establish the kind of winner’s mentality that turns small businesses into large high street chains or multi-nationals.

If your retail business was a car would it be an old banger, hot hatch, classic cruiser or a fast and furious supercar?

Whether you sell car parts, lipstick, hamsters or dress fabric, Sparkstone's top gear adds much more than go faster stripes to your business. Our retail software offers genuine performance increases across the board, putting you in pole position for a race winning season. Get in touch now and speak to one of our specialist advisors.

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Don't just cruise along in the middle lane... embrace multi-channel for increased sales opportunities!

Why not start the 2015 season by selling both online and offline. With an e-commerce website or mobile app you'll overtake your slow lane competitors; and if you're fast and loud enough, you could even pick up a few podium finishes as well. Award winning websites are a great way to gain consumer interest and our team of code monkeys would love to help you land those trophies.

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