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Sparkstone EPOS is one of the most sophisticated retail software sytems on the market today. However, with that sophistication comes numerous settings and configuration options that can be unique to your specific business requirements.

If you have a technical issue with your Sparkstone retail software you can create a support ticket by clicking 'Login' at the top of this page.

Support tickets that prevent your ability to trade are given our highest priority and dealt with accordingly, but if you have a less urgent issue, you can use the FAQ documents below-left to answer many of your problems within minutes.

We have recently discovered a Crystal Printer issue when emailing crystal purchase orders to a supplier.

Depending on the operating system of the PC and if you use a crystal version of the purchase order document, this could potentially be an issue for you. When trying to email a purchase order to a supplier, the following error is generated:

This issue is due to Windows update KB3102429 which was released on the 17th November. This causes an issue with the Crystal report components. To resolve this, the Windows Update needs to be uninstalled. Please go to:

Start > Control Panel > Program and Features > View Installed Updates > Wait for it to load up then search for KB3102429 > select the update the click Uninstall.

It will probably prompt for a reboot afterwards.

Please reboot the PC and you will be able to email the purchase orders through to suppliers. Please note that Windows will try to re-install the update afterwards.

This can be prevented by hiding the Windows update by going to Start > Control Panel > Windows Update > click on “…Optional Updates are available” then select the KB3202429 from the list, right click and select ‘Hide Update’, then press ‘OK’, close the window. Re-open the window and it will not show in the list.


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