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Supplier management for retailers

Sparkstone's EPoS stock and supplier record add-ons are provided as part of our core module bundle. These management tools provide additional functionality, which allow you set automatic re-ordering from suppliers as well as selling items shipped directly from the supplier so you don't have to hold them in stock.

Supplier catalogues

Allows the storage of non-stocked items for sale by special order in addition to setting up buying agreements, forward contract prices and negotiated special discounts.

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Replenishment - Supplier EPoS System UK

Automated calculation of re-order levels according to mins/maxs/ideals or expected sales levels taking into account items on order, branch requirements, special orders, supplier lead times etc.

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Purchase order processing - Retail Software UK

Purchase order processing and purchase invoice/credit entry – allows full true valuation of stock and true profit reports to be generated 

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