Make marketing roar, see sales soar




Pick up vital tips for the successful use of CRM by watching Simon Kinsey present at the Marketing Showcase.

The Treasury, no less, says that technology such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can increase sales by around 18% per employee over the course of three years.

But simply having CRM in our toolbox is not enough – we need to know how to make the very most of it to make marketing roar and see sales soar.

Simon delves into the following areas to help you maximise CRM success:

  • What you should consider before deciding on your CRM tool
  • How to make the most of vital data
  • Ensuring CRM fulfils all its roles within your business
  • How to make the most of CRM for Marketing and Sales success
  • Measuring, monitoring and adapting using CRM

Ultimately, CRM is the glue within your business systems and can lead to a phenomenal Customer Experience when used effectively. Tune in to find out how.