Multi-currency settlements

Once you have a customer who has picked up products and just wants to pay for them then you want to do anything possible to make it happen.
And if they offer you hard currency (that just happens to be different from your pricing) then wouldnt it be better to take the sale and move the stock
Of course it would! And you don’t need us to tell you!
Let Sparkstone help you remove any boundaries to selling to your customers – wherever they come from.

“…and a great investment for our business – in today’s market I wouldn’t want to go back to the dark old days…”

Warranty tracking
Serial number tracking
Hand held use

Standard features

Define acceptable currencies
Define which sites can accept which currencies
Define commission rate/charges
Define exchange rates
Link to online exchange rate services
Display currency alternative settlements at point of sale at user options
Give change in base currency or alternate currency

Fast, immediate reports
Identify winners and losers
Quick decisions to improve profits
Easy to use and manage stock control
Dynamic links to Microsoft Office
Configurable stock templates
Flexible replenishment rules
Improve stock turnover
Avoid stock outs
Increase margins

A leading retailer recently said:

“How much stock do we really need to own? When I visited America they run on 12-week stock. I want to run my business on six or seven-week stock.”

He added that in the downturn, more than ever, customers need to be excited and want freshness and newness in their stores. “It is about speed to market, speed is more important than price,” said Green.Sparkstone enables even the smallest retailer to level the playing field and react fast – don’t hang aboutCall us on – 01489 795000