Point of sale

Sparkstone point of sale provides one of the simplest, most user friendly interfaces around to enable fast processing of sales in busy environments whilst enabling your staff to give the best customer service – no matter what their experience.

  • Fast to learn – the average member of staff only needs 20 minutes to become familiar with processing sales, robust and ultra reliable.
  • Everything you need to ensure your customers know you care and that you maximise golden sales opportunities.

“It’s so easy to use – all our staff love it…”

“…and a great investment for our business – in today’s market I wouldn’t want to go back to the dark old days…”

  • Special offers and promotions
  • Special orders (customer collect)
  • Mail order/sales order processing
  • Loyalty scheme manager
  • Standard windows application
  • No special hardware required
  • Easy to use, fast check out
  • Touch screen technology
  • Bar code, stock look up or grid entry styles
  • Great cashing up tools
  • Highly configurable user rights profiles
  • Supervisor overrides
  • Layaways (suspend and resume) and quotations
  • Amazing array of extra product information at PoS
  • Refund verification
  • Refund and sale in same transaction
  • Deposits
  • Part exchange and second hand items
  • Line discounts and deal discounts
  • Goods in at point of sale
  • Detailed customer information at pos
  • Order tracking
  • Query stock at other branches
  • Multi currency settlements
  • Automatic recognition of special price customers
  • Void tracking
  • Linked items/complementary items
  • Split tenders and cash back
  • Integrated chip and pin (optional)
  • Gift vouchers
  • Customer transaction history (requires customer file)
  • Miscellaneous sales – convert to correct stock item
  • Inter branch transfers from point of sale
  • Deal discounts
  • Link to suppliers web sites
  • Up to 200 user definable fields
  • Collect customer emails/mobile numbers-fast
  • Line discounts
  • Deal maker
  • Christmas club
  • Back to back special orders through point of sale
  • Staff clock on/clock off
  • Excellent  branch, till, user, department reporting
  • Assisted shopper sales from hand held terminals

Some of these features are enhanced by the use of additional modules

  • Easy to use
  • Ultra fast check out process
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Empower staff to provide customer service excellence
  • Retain customers
  • Enhance product knowledge
  • Configurable checkout process
  • Single interface for all channels
  • Useful back office functions from PoS

Raising the bar of customer service sounds like a tall order but just imagine if every one of your staff knew customers, their requirements and buying patterns and the product information to service those needs.

Now, imagine a system that is easy to acquire with a low cost of ownership and hugely reliable technology to run in all your branches.

Even more – add on easily manageable functionality that can be configured to suit your environment and work flow.

And you have Sparkstone Point of Sale – simply perfect…

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