Product configurator

Product configurator

If you can give the customer choice within a standard product then you can go some of the way to pleasing all of the people all of the time.
You just need to be able to tell your workshop what needs to be done to meet the exact needs of the customer, follow it through the workshop, select the right parts, order them in if necessary, apply any special finishing touches and tell the customer the goods are ready for collection.
Sparkstone does all of that and more – use the product configurator to allow customers to select from product options at point of sale.  Everything else just flows from getting the order right.
Delight your customers even more by being able to say “Yes”, let Sparkstone help you make more of every customer visit.

“…it makes us different from everybody else out there – not only do we offer options but we deliver too…”

Assemblies/bill of materials
Workshop and repairs management
Special orders (customer collect)
Part exchange/secind-hand items
Warranty tracking

Define products with options
Allow chargeable options and free of charge options
Allow cost plus options and cost reduction options
Check profit margins and adjust discounts at point of sale
Products from selectable lists
Special customer services
Products from generic product groups
Test builds to see if options available from stock from point of sale
Integrated to back office assemblies and workshop instructions
Report on most popular choices

Additional revenue
Simple system

Flexible module choices
Improve customer service
Manage sub contractors
Control costs
Improve stock usage
Monitor actual hours
Improve estimates
Improve profitability

It is rare to find a system that can truly grow as your business grows – let alone add on totally new income streams.
But that is exactly what you are able to do with Sparkstone software products.
Workshop management, repairs, assemblies, make to order, customer options on builds – all controlled and integrated into a single solution right there with your epos, special orders and e-commerce systems.
One platform, one simple system, increased profits and peace of mind.
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