Replenishment – Supplier EPoS System UK

Getting stock to the right locations at the right time in anything but the smallest of operations can become a tiresome and troublesome process.
The Sparkstone replenishment module provides you with a well thought out tool kit to help you automate suggested purchase orders to suppliers, improve the branch replenishment process both efficiently and with a careful eye for profit improvements.
With a plentiful array of options you will find that managing stocking becomes easier and easier taking less time and enabling more sale.

“It’s so easy to use – all our staff love it…”

“…and a great investment for our business – in today’s market I wouldn’t want to go back to the dark old days…”

Purchase order processing
Mail order/sales order processing
Special orders (customer collect)
Stock matrix

Automated supplier orders

System generated suggested purchase orders
Management approval of purchase orders
Consolidated enterprise orders
Branch direct ordering to supplier
Include customer direct shipment orders
Allow customer collections from designated sites
Specify warehouse sites
Automatically highlight items overstocked in other
Send orders by Email and fax

Branch orders

Specify branch fulfilment sites
Automatically generate branch orders
Head office or branch generated branch orders
Head office control of branch orders
Add new items to branch orders
Substitute items on branch orders
Specify branch delivery days
Specify branch lead times

Stock level management

Specify mins/maxes/ideals per site/per item
Duplicate mins/maxes/ideals levels
Use past sales/future sales/lead times to calculate
Use standard percentage profiles for mins/maxes for
matrix items
Easy to use management tools for bulk updates

Supplier Reorder templates

System auto generates default supplier reorder
Define multiple reroder templates for different
product groups
Only order if more than 50% of a purchase case
Round to default outer
Range of quantity calculation options


Dynamic links to Microsoft Excel and other reporting
tools for powerful analysis and close control

Reduce costs by automating reordering

Easy to use system
Reduce over-stocking
Take advantage of suppliers stockholding
Manage branch stocks accurately
Improve buying accuracy
Avoid stock outs
Improve customer service
Improve effective stock management

The number one reason for not making a retail sale is not have the desired item on the shelf… its even more demoralising when you have the item in the business – just not in the right place at the right time.If you operate a multi channel business then you need to ensure that stock is being ordered effectively and distributed wisely – there is no point shipping product to a retail site that is needed for sales orders – or worse still where it was purchased to satisfy a special order.Sparkstone replenishment gives you all the options you need to effectively manage multi site, multi channel product management effectively and profitably.Call now on 01489 795 000 to discuss your action plan.