Scales link

Scales link – EPoS Till Systems

Allows the use of weighing scales to be integrated with point of sale operations.  Either independent label printing scales (weighted bar code) or fully tested and approved scales integrated directly into Sparkstone.

“…having the scales link module has significantly improved our efficiency instore and has reduced human error…”

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Standard features

Clear user interfaces for easy stock maintenance
Stock group/category/department management
Warehouse route picking and separate bins/location
Stock pictures and product technical information
Seasonal analysis
Complete import facilities for bulk imports/updates
Rapid goods in process
Branch transfers and goods in from point of sale
Complete audit trail of all stock movements
Variable value items/tailorable descriptions
Full FIFO/Average cost stock valuations>
Store up to 200 user definable fields
Stock taking tools including reconciliation
Clear end of lines easily
Identify slow and fast moving lines
Multiple bar codes per product
Multiple suppliers per product
Label printing
Stock revaluation per item/shrinkage analysis
Alternate items
Superseded items
Archive products and retain full history
User definable stock alerts/messages at po


Extensive stock reporting
Cross analyse any way you wish
By department / category / store / user / till / channel
Sell through reporting
Dynamic links with Excel and other analytical tools
Design your own reports with Crystal and other reporting tools with built in data “views”

Fast, immediate reports
Easy to use and manage stock 
Dynamic links to Microsoft Office
Configurable stock templates
Flexible replenishment rules
Improve stock turnover
Avoid stock loss

By using Sparkstone’s Scales Link module it enables the calculation of price to be performed at the point of sale.