Serial-number tracking

Serial number tracking

In some environments it is simply better to keep track of each and every item that passes through the business.
Whether its for warranty tracking, fraud prevention, better stock control, or staff efficiency, serial number tracking can provide the answer.
When you come to implement serial number tracking you need a fully featured product and a company that really understands the full implications of serial number tracking each item.
Sparkstone can help bring that control to you in two ways – either just when you sell an item so that you know each customer for each product sold – or through the entire system with every single stock movement being tracked from the time of receipt to the time it leaves your ownership.

“…and a great investment for our business – in today’s market I wouldn’t want to go back to the dark old days…”

Warranty tracking
Stock matrix (fashion items)
Serial number tracking
Hand held use

Standard features

Specify whether you want to fully track all movements
Specify if you only wish to track/record serial numbers on sales/refund transactions
Full visibility of serial number on customer transaction history
Full visibility of serial number on stock item history
Serial numbers to matrix level
Serial number tracking through multi site operations and branch transfers
No need to recall serial number on purchase order or sales order
Record serial numbers on goods movements
Print serial number labels
Auto generate serial number sequences for multiple item goods receipts
Use in conjunction with batch traceability module


Full serial number reporting on all items in stock
Full reporting on serial number transactions

Fast, immediate reports
Identify winners and losers
Quick decisions to improve profits
Easy to use and manage stock control
Dynamic links to Microsoft Office
Configurable stock templates
Flexible replenishment rules
Improve stock turnover
Avoid stock outs
Increase margins

“How much stock do we really need to own? When I visited America they run on 12-week stock. I want to run my business on six or seven-week stock.”

He added that in the downturn, more than ever, customers need to be excited and want freshness and newness in their stores. “It is about speed to market, speed is more important than price,” said Green.Sparkstone enables even the smallest retailer to level the playing field and react fast – don’t hang aboutCall us on – 01489 795000