Point of Sale Software

The Sparkstone core module collection provides you with everything you need to manage the fundamental requirements of your retail endeavour.

You can choose to add optional modules that extend the functionality of the core bundle as your business needs dictate. Our core bundle includes ‘system control and report centre’, allowing you to configure your system, manage users and monitor performance exactly as you choose.

Our basic tool kit far exceeds the functionality offered by many of our competitors products – but we don’t make a song and dance about it – it really is a core module.

“It’s so easy to use – all our staff love it…”

“…and a great investment for our business – in today’s market I wouldn’t want to go back to the dark old days…”


  • Configurable screens at point of sale
  • Definable menus at point of sale
  • Varied work flow options throughout system
  • Calendar for year, months, weeks and accounting periods to match your needs
  • User definable fields throughout system
  • Industry standard leading SQL database

Sites and trading divisions

  • Multiple channels
  • Unlimited divisions per channel
  • Unlimited sites
  • Site groups
  • Unlimited locations per site
  • Location templates
  • Identify sites per trading division
  • Configure sites for purpose/division
  • Branch messaging
  • Specify currencies per branch
  • Global settings
  • Local override of global settings


  • Unlimited users
  • Flexible user set up
  • Unlimited user rights profiles
  • Limit users to specific sites
  • Roaming users
  • User clock on/clock off for time recording
  • User password overrides/authorises transaction

Report centre

  • Store favourite reports in “My reports”
  • Hundreds of standard reports
  • Multiple option reports
  • Print to printer/screen/fax
  • Dynamic links with Excel and other reporting applications
  • Pre-defined data ‘views’ for easy custom reporting

Additional benefits

  • Keep stock straightforward
  • Simplifies systems administration
  • Sell service items
  • Increase value sales proposition
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Adds flexibility to your system

The Sparkstone suite gives you everything you need to manage the growing business.

As you venture into new products, territories and channels Sparkstone gives you an integrated system that can grow as your business demands.

Flexible control structures and multiple configuration options enable your Sparkstone system to mould around your business processes whilst preserving appropriate levels of user security.

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