Special orders

Serve your customers better with Special Orders
Don’t miss a potential sale and satisfy your customer’s needs

Sparkstone’s software frees you up from these time-consuming tasks and allows you to grow your retail enterprise in the way that suits you.

The single biggest reason for losing a sale in store is simply not having the item in stock.The downsides are massive not only do you lose the sale but you also lose the customer – possibly for life! Even if you wanted to it is not possible to stock everything yet suppliers often boast that their lead time is only a matter of days – so why not add special orders to your channels to market.

Sparkstone Retail has a module dedicated to making special orders an integrated part of your operation and its totally integrated into point of sale and centralised stock.

With rising rents, falling sales in the high street, cheaper technology – what could be better than developing an ability to handle special orders to strengthen and grow your business?

How does Sparkstone Retail help?

  • Easy to use simple integrated interface at point of sale – all of your staff can take special orders
  • Customer database
  • Supplier price lists and catalogues can be stored within the system as well as stock items
  • Auto creation of stock items for special order products
  • Tailored items (standard stock feature) allow special orders to be customised for customers requirements (eg high gloss finish or buff finish)
  • Request to purchase at point of sale
  • Back to back orders or
  • Consolidation of special orders with main orders for best pricing
  • Direct delivery (drop ship) supported
  • Goods reservation at point of sale
  • Segregated reserved stock per site
  • Inter branch transfers to satisfy special orders
  • Auto notification to customers by SMS or E-mail


  • Increase sales by not letting customers leave unsatisfied
  • Increase customer service
  • Improve company image
  • Build your customer database
  • Relationships with known customers allow you undertake specific directed marketing
  • Take advantage of your knowledge of your customer needs
  • Incorporate special order requirements into routine buying profiles
  • Don’t lose the real value of your staffs specialist knowledge
  • Enhance the real value of your business

Sparkstone can bring you a system that uses a single stock management solution, integrates point of sale and/or mail order and can give you total control over special orders – and all at tremendous value for money.

Special orders summary

  • Combine with retail sales
  • Single clean screens
  • Split sales lines based on delivery requirement
  • Supplier information at Pos
  • Lead times and outstanding orders at Pos
  • Stock extra information at POS
  • Multiple sites for customer collection
  • Configurable workflow
  • Automatically reserve stock
  • Integrated Chip and PIN
  • Update customers by SMS or email
  • Consolidate similar items on purchase orders
  • Excellent reporting
  • Customer relationship management and CRM
  • Accounting software
  • Networking and security
  • Reporting solutions
  • Communications
  • Bespoke development
  • Business consultancy
  • Retail management software
  • Ecommerce
  • Chip and PIN