Retail stock management

In addition to the basic stock module provided in our core module bundle, Sparkstone Retail provides additional stock functionality to meet your specific business requirements.

Whether you need to match exact product serial numbers to customer purchase histories, or buy and sell secondhand items, we have the tools to make light work of managing stock.

  • Allows one or more serial numbers to be tracked per item either on purchase and sale or just on the sales side.
  • Allows up to five sets of variations of a stock item within a single SKU eg Size/Colour/Cut would be 3 sets of variations – also allows different VAT treatments, sales prices, purchase prices, supplier codes, bar codes, outers mixes per variation.
  • Full assembly of completed stock items on either a ‘build for stock’ or on a ‘build to order’ basis, including multiple phases, use of components, own labour and sub contract labour (free issue), serialised components, assemble and disassemble, one click.
  • Allows the purchase of secondhand items and the sale of such items including maintaining the secondhand stock book of buyers and sellers – now includes refurbishment of secondhand items.

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