Workshop and service management solutions
A business growth area – sell more and make better margins

If you can engage your customers in a long term relationship then you have the opportunity to sell more to those customers.

Not only can you generate more sales but providing services is a great way to make more margin for the hard-earned expertise your staff have accumulated over the years.

Imagine if you and your team could serve customers for both normal sales and repair jobs from the same system – from the same screen.

What does Workshop do?

Sparkstone retail workshop enables you to deal with the following

  • Repair jobs
  • Servicing and maintenance jobs
  • Refurbishment of second-hand items
  • Build to order
  • Build to order with customer-specific options
  • Installations or engineer visits


  • Better customer service
  • Easier administration
  • Better billing
  • Joined up systems simply mean less work and better controls

The workshop suite completely integrates with Sparkstone Retail so that you use one central stock database for purchasing and back to back ordering of parts and allows you to sell from the same point of sale interface that you use for normal sales.

Workshop summary

  • Repairs
  • Build to order and assemblies
  • Customer options for build to order
  • Complete stock integration
  • Check job progress at pos
  • Link to customer records
  • Flexible workflows
  • User-definable fields
  • Unlimited resources & engineers
  • Group resources
  • Standard and premium rates
  • Divide jobs into phases
  • Multiple processes per phase
  • Allocate parts and time
  • Budgeted & standard costs
  • Customer relationship management and CRM
  • Accounting software
  • Networking and security
  • Reporting solutions
  • Communications
  • Bespoke development
  • Business consultancy
  • Retail management software
  • Ecommerce
  • Chip and PIN