Sparkstone & Shopify
How we will help your business grow

At Sparkstone we have our own Ecommerce platform (so we understand Ecom), but we’re a friendly bunch and are happy to work with others. If you’re already using Shopify but need increased functionality to increase business efficiency, we can help.

What you get from Shopify

You’ve set up your online shop and have a fantastic website that your customers love. Ordering, billing and payments are straightforward, and you’ve linked it to your social channels.

BUT… Business is booming!
Great news?

Not if your stock control and ordering processes are falling behind. Not if your pricing and offers can’t be easily adjusted. And not if your system simply isn’t coping with the complex demands of a growing business. Customers will not be happy and you’ll risk destroying the great reputation you’ve built up.

As business grows, you’ll need to adapt to continue delivering the great service your customers have come to expect. Increased product ranges, staff members and sites are needed within an expanding business, and your systems will need to expand with you.

What you get from Sparkstone

Sparkstone’s seamless integration with Shopify allows you to take your business smoothly to the next level. Comprehensive functionality makes offers, ordering, organisation and inventory management easy and effective.

Tailored to your needs

Shopify caters for the needs of the new and small business well, providing a straightforward solution for startups. However, as businesses expand their demands become much more bespoke and additional functionality is needed which will vary from business to business.

Sparkstone’s Shopify integration includes a host of features designed to make the complicated straightforward and ensure scalability. Each business will have their own challenges and our team of sales and technology experts will work through yours with you. With so many features and issues to address it’s essential that we work together to create the right integration for you. Below we present an example of how stock control can become a problem and how Sparkstone’s Shopify integration presents the perfect solution.

Stock control
An example of how challenges change

Ensuring the right type and amount of inventory can be reasonably simple in a fledgling business. One person buys, sells and orders stock, and supplies customers via one site. They can determine when they need to buy more stock, and may decide to introduce the occasional offer.

The business grows; more variations of stock are added, warehouse space is acquired and an operative is hired to run the warehouse. Then a bricks and mortar shop runs alongside the online site. It’s at this stage that the stresses on systems will start to show. Managing stock control, reordering at the optimum time, and controlling offers will become complicated if systems aren’t adapted.

Sparkstone’s Shopify integration enables complex inventory management, streamlines ordering, and helps manage multiple offers. Systems are updated in real time and will cope with inventory, returns, refunds, custom prices (to name but a few elements of functionality).


Whether B2C, B2B or D2C our functionality will enable your business to thrive and grow.

If you already have Shopify in place, we’ll help you scale. But if you’re new to business we can help with your first Ecommerce site and then the sky’s the limit!

Short descriptions, long descriptions, product types, notes & pictures, media & attachments, pricing (gross, VAT codes, net, valuation, latest cost, margin, profit in stock, unit profit, target margin), costs (unit, cost, purchase outers, sale price), points, linked items, alternative items… phew!

Reference numbers, barcodes, capacities, lengths, widths, heights, weights, labels, rental rates, price lists, supplier costs, current stock, analysis by month, transactions & locations, stock movements (goods received/out, adjustments, transfers, stock takes, picking, returns management, scan and pack), purchasing (invoices/credits, suppliers, document history, purchase order management, orders, requests, auto re-ordering, re-order templates, branch orders, supplier price lists)… and breathe!

Of course! Add physical/digital capacity, length, width, height and weight.

Yes, they can! Size, colour, serial number tracking, matrix product, super products, and custom metafields/data.

Yes, you can search for sort keys, metadata and keywords.

Take orders online, via point of sale, telephone and mobile sales.

Where organisation is needed, we supply it. Think suppliers, multiple product categories, keywords, sort keys, stock categories, web categories, as well as any miscellaneous data that your business needs.

Yes, manage sales orders, view summaries and details of outstanding sales orders, manage invoices, schedule orders and manage quotes.

Set up campaigns and sales targets within the systems as well as providing your customers with special offers and custom offers.

Grow your loyal customer base both online and in store using comprehensive CRM tools and credit account request mechanisms.

  • Online and offline sales
  • Vast range of business tools
  • Advanced stock/inventory tools
  • Purchasing module
  • Advanced Product data
  • Mature API
  • Custom price lists
  • Advanced promo tools
  • Delivery options including a complex delivery matrix
  • Advanced customer tools
  • Advanced sales order management and processing
  • Advanced reporting tools

Who uses Sparkstone?

For over 20 years we have worked with customers throughout the UK, providing technology integrations to drive business growth. Our Shopify integration is just one element from our extensive range of enterprise software solutions.

What next?

Book a call with one of our business and technology experts and let us learn about your aspirations for growth.