Multi-store EPoS systems

Do you have enough time to concentrate on business growth?

As your retail business expands with more physical shops, you extend your customer reach and benefit from more sales. However, alongside these benefits can come significant challenges. Keeping track of cashier sales, stock inventory and new deliveries can all become a full-time job for a whole team of people – not just one!

Sparkstone’s software frees you up from these time-consuming tasks and allows you to grow your retail enterprise in the way that suits you.

Using cloud technology your stores can communicate using real-time data, so everyone on the system knows who’s selling what, where they’re selling it and when they’re selling it.

Information like this allows you to create efficient staffing rotas, allocate stock between stores and even train staff remotely, making your job as the business owner less focused on micromanagement.

Retailing with more than one branch requires great organisation

Once you start to build multiple branches you need to build systems that help control the enterprise in your absence – otherwise, you become a slave to the business. You need systems to ensure that all branches comply with your central plans and business objectives.

  • Who will ensure that the same quality of customer service is provided when you’re not around?
  • How will you keep tabs on what’s selling and what isn’t at each branch?
  • How will you move stock around the branches to maximise sales?
  • How should you buy stock for the branches in a way that makes sense for your business?
  • How will you get new staff trained?
  • How will you avoid staff fraud and wasted resources?
  • How will you keep track of how each branch is performing?

How can Sparkstone Retail help?

  • Systemisation ensures all staff at all branches are doing the same thing
  • Centralised or decentralised controls – the choice is yours
  • Head office ordering or branch ordering
  • Branch reports automatically highlight good or bad performance
  • An open database allowing you to report with any tool you desire
  • Extreme reliability through the use of replication technology and failover server
  • Real-time data updates or batch updates as required
  • Integration with many accounts systems to save work and the re-keying of transaction summaries
  • Excellent inter-branch stock transfer controls and goods in transit management
  • Stock management per branch
  • Aged stock report
  • Slow-moving stock reports
  • Excellent promotions and special offer management

Enable and record the sale of goods in-store with improved efficiency for increased turnover and profits.

Understand customers better, with complete 360° awareness of their purchases and communications.

Sell anything, anywhere, anytime with an online retail storefront linked to your stock management system.