Single Store

From tills to complete multichannel systems Sparkstone gives you control over your business.

Building a business from a single store is a challenge and can feel as though you are carrying the world upon your shoulders.

Whether you’re just starting up, considering the move from a manual system, replacing an out of date EPoS system or looking to expand into Ecommerce and other channels with an integrated system, Sparkstone has a suite of hardware and software tools to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

How can Sparkstone help?

  • Integrate your Ecommerce, EPoS, Back Office and CRM software using a single database
  • Draw upon our expert UK-based team for software integrations and support
  • Receive transparent pricing for budgeting ease
  • Use well-designed software set up to suit your business
  • Scale software utilisation and functionality as you grow
  • Compete effectively in a fast-paced marketplace

Enable and record the sale of goods in-store with improved efficiency for increased turnover and profits.

Understand customers better, with complete 360° awareness of their purchases and communications.

Sell anything, anywhere, anytime with an online retail storefront linked to your stock management system.