CRM for

Film & Production

Thousands of contacts, huge numbers of relationships and you never know when you need a contact who can supply an alligator trainer – Sparkstone CRM not only allows you to maintain perfect communications it also helps you visualise the shortest route to a contact with our unique relationships graph

Nurture Your Partner Relationships

Sparkstone CRM on a network connected tablet will allow your shop assistants to interact, advise and sell without multiple trips back to the till.

Your staff will love using the simple interface providing everything they need to know to service your growing customer base at a simple touch of the screen.

  • Search for products fast
  • Build collections/alternates or traditional wish/gift lists
  • Build order pads for conversion to sales or to opportunities for later conversion to sale
  • See what your customers and contacts are seeing on line
  • Scroll through alternatives
  • Present sales alternatives to customers and really meet their exact needs
  • Easily see detailed product information
  • Easily see product availability at each of your sites and stores

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