Wholesale & B2B

Comprehensive software for high performance wholesale

Is your wholesale business software up to the job, or are you missing vital opportunities?

Selling wholesale provides a wealth of opportunities but also many potential piftalls.

Regrettably, too often the various software systems in place do not lend themselves to a cohesive wholesale selling experience. Customers do not receive relevant discounts and promotions, staff struggle to balance the books and business performance suffers.

If your Wholesale selling needs improvement, we can help

Imagine a powerful system that copes with the complex demands of a wholesale business and keeps customers happy.

Whether your next customer is approaching you online or through the door, for a one-off purchase or a regular business order, your software will sail.

You’ll benefit from a powerful interface presenting vital customer data and pricing options, stock control will be seamless, and bespoke promotions can be targeted with ease.

How can Sparkstone help?

  • Powerful accounting features to calculate discounts, VAT and preferential rates
  • Targeted marketing tools to build and maintain relationships, and grow sales
  • Reliable realtime stock control across all platforms and sites, integrated with tills and Ecommerce
  • Intuitive till and retail hub system encompassing comprehensive functionality
  • All hardware and software supplied, installed and maintained by our expert UK-based team
  • Immediate access to retail data and reports to monitor customer activity and trends
  • Deliver a phenomenal customer experience and compete effectively
  • Integrate your EPoS, Back Office, Ecommerce and CRM software using a single database, enabling extreme efficiency and customer service
  • Receive transparent pricing for budgeting ease
  • Scale hardware and software as you grow

Complete retail management and IT support for cash & carry and trade counter businesses.

Enable and record the sale of goods in-store with improved efficiency for increased turnover and profits.

Understand customers better, with complete 360° awareness of their purchases and communications.

Sell anything, anywhere, anytime with an online retail storefront linked to your stock management system.