Using CRM for Continued Competitive Edge




CRM has been introduced to your business with great fanfare.

Having researched what you need, integrated CRM with your other business systems and trained your teams, you’re incredibly excited about what the future holds.

And all goes well… for a while. Returns are great, you have a competitive edge, and teams are exciting. Then things begin to change. Results aren’t as impressive, you’re losing your market position, and staff are uninspired. You’re paying for a system that isn’t doing what you expected it to do.

So, what’s gone wrong?


As with all things in life, CRM needs to be maintained in order to thrive. Regular evaluation of its purpose within your business is essential; markets change at pace – make sure your system is changing with the market. Think of the best online retail experience you’ve had recently – you can be sure that their CRM and other business systems are well-aligned and maintained.

Good Data

Is the database up to date?

Using a single database across your business systems is essential for a competitive edge, but only if the data is maintained. Make sure processes are in place to ensure clean data, and that everyone understands their role in the process.

Onboard and train well

When CRM was implemented, you made a point of getting everyone on board and training your teams, but has the training continued? And are new starters shown exactly how to use CRM, and told why they should be using it?

If staff aren’t using CRM properly data won’t be clean, reports will be inaccurate, and you won’t be able to evaluate ROI. Plus, and most importantly, you won’t be maximising sales.

Monitor usage and listen to feedback – better to adapt the system to fulfil changing needs than leave an inadequate system gathering dust.

Are you supported?

Are you using the support team attached to the CRM or have you been supporting yourself?

If you chose well your CRM will have a support team available in your time zone, you’ll have an individual to contact, and you’ll be confident that they have your best interests at heart. They’ll understand that you need proactive help to maintain a competitive edge and will show you exactly how to get there.

Celebrate success

You’ve carried out maintenance, cleaned your data, and trained your teams. Now celebrate success.

With great CRM you’ll be able to continually evaluate ROI and you’ll know where wins are happening (and where they’re not). Let you teams know how well they’re doing, and where the business has competitive edge.

For more information on how to use CRM for competitive edge talk to Sparkstone. With over 20 years’ experience, Sparkstone’s UK-based team of specialists are on hand to discuss your unique set of requirements and help you navigate your way to CRM success.